Fabius Constable is one of the most appreciated modern harpists worldwide.

His peculiar technique, a mix of Celtic, Classical and South American genres, gives to his music a broad range of new colours. Original compositions, Ancient Music, Flamenco and Celtic, Ethnic tunes are all rearranged to meet the ears of the modern audience in an amusing and contagious way.

His musical training started in the most academic way, at age 4. but after a decade of studies a tremendous fight with his composition teacher led him to look for the roots of his music in the lands of the Celtic Harp: Ireland and Britain. From there he came back to Italy, his homeland, richer in music, over 300 songs perfectly arranged. This number makes his shows always different and adaptable to several kinds of venues.
His musics, original or rearranged, but never merely read by score, were published in 5 official CDs and 28 celtic music compilations sold worldwide.
He worked or performed together with many artists like Andrea Bocelli, Carlos Nunez, Tadao Ando, Mirdhin, Arnoldo Foà, Marco Luci, Willi Burger and many others.
Fabius is the founder and director of the notorious Celtic Harp Orchestra since 2002.

Notable stages of Fabius’ past concerts are The Trinity College of Dublin, The Duomo Cathedral of Milan, the Bocconi University of Milan, La Sapienza of Rome, Alma Mater of Bologna, concert halls in Hiroshima, Tokyo, Conservatory of music of Tianjin. The teathers. Franco Parenti, Carcano, Sociale of Como, Giuditta Pasta and many others Auditorium “Parco della Musica of Rome, Naples Conservatory, Vittoriale degli Italiani.
Perfomancese in addition to the above mentioned include full global itineraries in Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, France, China, Korea and Japan with full media support and tie-ins via televisions, radio, newspapers and magazines interviews and reviews, for a total of MORE THAN 1000 concerts worldwide.

Fabius’ approach to the stage is engaging and always different. When possible, each music is presented with its own story: legends, history, lore and symbols are explained to better catch the meaning of the music and to enjoy it at the best: As Fabius said in an interview “I keep the rational side of people busy and satisfied, to better strike their souls”.
Fabius also plays Cello, Irish and Japanese Flutes, Piano, Accordion and other instruments besides the Celtic Harp. He also performs vocally during a few songs at each concert.
He always improvises music on the spot, composing spontaneously, and drawing inspiration from surroundings, the local culture and his people. In doing so, astonishing his audiences with personal warmth and intimate detail at every concert, making his performances truly unforgettable.

Immediately after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan he held a tour of 23 concerts for the homeless in the area of the disaster, being as a matter of fact the first Western artist performing a complete tour in Tohoku after the quake.

He is the first artist whom played a celtic harp solo concert in a mainland China’s Conservatory of Music (Tianjin, 2007).
He is the founder of Harpers Sans Frontieres (, an association of harpers and harpists who devote their art to the poor and the suffering, opening schools, creating scholarships or playing in hospitals, prisons and wherever the need of heartful music may call.

Fabius speaks fluent English.

He has been interviewed and worked with major TV Channels, such as RAI (italian state channel), Swiss television RTSI, Chinese State TV, CCTV3, NHK (japanese national broadcasting company) and many more. He published 5 official Cds and his musics have been published on 28 discographic issues and antologies (some of them produced and distributed by Warner Chappel Music, Sony BMG). He worked for cinema soundtracks in the majors distribution ring.
He is the director and founder of the Celtic Harp Orchestra, a successful orchestra made of 24 Celtic Harps, with 70 or more official concerts every year.
He's the first harpist to play a concert of Celtic Harp in a chinese music academy (Tianjin, 2006).
His philosophy of the harp made him organize several charity initiatives. Among them a program for playing in hospitals, centers for poor people or war victims, shelters for people who has been struck by calamities. He's the first western artist to play in the Tohoku area (also in Fukushima prefecture) after the Earthquake of March 2011, touring 5 japanese prefectures in 23 concerts. He also played for the hospital for the victims of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

Among the artists or celebrities he met on stage:

• Carlos Nunez
• Caipercaille
• Myrdhin
• Anna Oxa
• Andrea Bocelli
• Collaborations in events and soundtracks with: Elisa, Giorgia, Cirque du Soleil
• Arnoldo Foà
• Siusy Blady
• Arcivescovo Cardinale Angelo Scola
• Tadao Ando
• Romano Prodi
• Andrea Pezzi
• Pupi Avati, Carmen Lasorella, Maria Concetta Maffei
• Rita Pavone
• Giovanna Furlanetto
• Carlo Conti
• Jungo Sasaki
• Jinsei Shinzaki